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Alabama Farmers Cooperative is a regional federated supply and marketing agricultural cooperative, providing farmers in the state of Alabama a full range of agricultural supplies and services. Farmers rely on AFC year-round, purchasing various products including feed, fertilizer, seed, grain storage and hardware.

AFC was founded in 1936 and operates for the benefit of its 37 member associations, which include approximately 90 retail locations. AFC has grown to include more than 2,300 employees through a series of joint ventures and is now one of the largest farmer-owned agriculture related businesses in the Southeastern United States.

AFC is a cooperative in the truest sense of the word. All facilities operated by AFC are governed by local, farmer-owned cooperatives. Additionally, each member co-op shares in the financial proceeds from AFC operations and benefits from the research and marketing services provided by the co-op system. An unselfish dedication to the mutual objectives of growth and success for its member farmers is the hallmark of AFC.

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